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Thank you for visiting the American Taxidermy Directory. 

Here you will find taxidermists by city and state and how to contact them. 

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We hope that you find the American Taxidermist site easy to navigate so that you can find a taxidermist in your local area.

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Please understand that this website is merely a free resource of contact information of taxidermists by state and in no way does this website condone their skills by any means, regardless of the order they are listed. 

It is your responsibility to confirm whether their skills are adequate for your needs. 

This website is also not responsible for any incorrect information of the taxidermists listed on this site, nor are we responsible for any problems that may arise from your choice of taxidermists. 

In a nutshell, if you get screwed by one of these taxidermists, it is not our responsibility. Ask for references before choosing your taxidermist. 

Thank you.